Itajuba Petrobras


Dry dock consulting and coaching services.

At the request and on behalf of



The Brazilian Tanker Shipping company owned by Petrobras appointed Mermaid Maritime Consulting ApS to advise and coach inspectors from the company’s Ship Management Department.

Oil Tanker M/V Itajuba would extend the life and undergo 25 years class survey.

All cargo tanks and ballast tanks were recoated. Comprehensive replace the stand on deck and super structure.

Replacing all the generating of new main switchboards and subjection end overhaul of the engine.

More than 80 tons of steel in ballast tanks and cargo tanks lev changed before climate controlled recoating.

The reconstruction of the "M / V Itajuba" was performed at Cosco Dalian from the month of March to May 2012.

Time Schedule

Consulting commenced on board: 6.Marts 2012

Consulting completed: 27.May 2012